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Daycare and Pet Sitters – Does Your Greyhound Need One?

Is your Greyhound destroying things while you’re away? Maybe you’ve got such a busy schedule during the day that your Greyhound isn’t getting the attention that they deserve. When the standard crate training doesn’t work or your hound doesn’t tolerate a crate, then maybe daycare or a pet sitter could be the answer – particularly if you live in a larger city. Sometimes, your pet sitter or day care programs will include trips to a dog park, kennel runs, and walks of course. Some may even train your dog through various programs. Many will also monitor your hound’s health and others may even house sit if you’re on vacation. How cool!

Before deciding on a daycare facility or a pet sitter, do your research first. Make sure that they are highly recommended and have been in the business for quite some time. If you’re taking your dog to a facility, make sure it is clean and properly licensed. An ideal pet sitter should also be insured, be knowledgeable in pet care, have experience with pet first aid, and will often belong to some kind of professional pet sitter organization.

Ultimately, this is a great way to take care of your pet and you will both be happier. You can check out an awesome pet sitter article here. You can also view more tips on how to select a doggy daycare facility here.

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