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Finding Loose Greyhounds and What To Do

Earlier, we did an article on spooky Greyhounds and how they have a tendency to bolt. Now it’s time to talk about the actions to take when you happen to find a lost, spooky Greyhound. Catching a loose Greyhound that does not want to be caught is difficult – sometimes it seems downright impossible. The good news is that you can certainly get them back with the right tools, time, and patience. Often times, a Greyhound will bolt when it is subjected to a new experience or sound. Greyhounds can simply be spooks in general too. Here are a couple things you can try to catch that escaped Greyhound:

1. Place food and water near recent sightings. They will need food and water, so if this becomes a reliable source for him, he’ll keep coming back – giving you the chance to come by and get them back home! You may even want to leave pieces of bedding nearby to put the Greyhound at ease. You’ll need to be consistent with this.

2. Try bringing another Greyhound with you. If the spooked Greyhound is spotted, try giving the other Greyhound a treat. This will likely draw the spooked Greyhound in.

3. If you spot a loose Greyhound, don’t chase after him. Don’t even make eye contact. Simply sit on the ground, toss treats in his general direction, and try to draw him in.

4. If you crate your Greyhound, bring the crate with you. If you see him, plop the crate down and put some food in it. The familiar smell may bring him in.

5. Does the spooky Greyhound like rides in the car? Try leaving your car door open overnight and you might be surprised in the morning.

6. Try to put food in a fenced or gated area. If the Greyhound comes into the area, shutting a gate is much easier than trying to chase and grab him.

7. Sometimes a predator call works for luring in Greyhounds when they are on the run. Greyhounds are used to this call, particularly if they are retired racers.

8. Live traps are also an option. Make sure you set these up near your feeding station. Place a familiar blanket on the floor of the trap. Greyhounds are notorious for having sensitive feet, plus this gives the trap a friendly smell.

9. Chemical capture is one that carries more risks. Greyhounds are super sensitive to drugs! The best way to use this is through a dart and a radio transmitter. This will make sure that the Greyhound goes unconscious in a safe area and can be easily found.

Ultimately, keep trying these different methods and stay consistent. You’ll catch that spooky Greyhound eventually! You can view the original article here on how to catch a loose Greyhound.

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