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April of Adopt a Greyhound Month

April is National Greyhound Adoption Month - a greyt time to share our appreciation of this awesome breed and help our local groups by spreading the word on what wonderful pets these dogs are.  While live dog racing is active in only six states today (with two of them phasing out), there are still hundreds of dogs needing to be rehomed. Here are some things we can all do to share our enthusiasm for Greyhounds:

Adopt a Grey!  If you already have one or several, take them for walks and have your group’s business cards or a brochure in your pocket.  People love to stop and talk about them with Greyhound owners.  One friend has cards with her group’s info on the front and the “Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Greyhound” on the back.  The Greyhound Project  is a super resource for information about the breed and about adopting.  Find pdf files of brochures there, as well as a Top 10 List.  If you haven’t made the leap yet, The Greyhound Project also has a directory of Greyhound adoption agencies in all 50 states, as well as Canada, Europe and Australia.

Social Media!  Harness the power of your social channels by changing your Facebook profile or cover photo – make your own graphic, or use this one.  Post about your group or your dog. Engagement is key, so the more photos and stories you can share, the better.  Videos are always popular. Include links for your local group or The Greyhound Project.  Share to Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.  Share and retweet posts regarding the topic.  You could even set up a Facebook fundraiser for your group.

Events!  An event can be a fun way to involve existing volunteers and recruit new ones, to raise money, and to introduce the hounds to potential adopters.  Many groups take an event they already have planned and modify the focus to include ADOPT A GREYHOUND MONTH.  Several of the local TV stations feature adoptable pets daily or weekly, and it’s not too early to see if any of those would host adoptable greyhounds.  Attend scheduled Meet-and-Greets, especially if you are fostering.

Adopted Greyhound

Donate!  Greyhound adoption agencies are always in need of funds so they can rehome more dogs.  Donate to your group if you can. And don’t forget to use Smile when you shop at Amazon, and be sure to designate your group to receive the benefits, since a portion of all Smile sales will be sent to your designee (coming soon for mobile).

Take It Further!  If you want to go beyond the above steps, you could offer to visit schools, libraries, or Scout groups to introduce Greyhounds and talk about responsible pet ownership.   You could edit your email signature to include something like “April is National Adopt a Greyhound Month – ask me how”, or put a sign on your desk “Ask me about Greyhounds”.  At events, have available foster dogs wear “Adopt Me” vests or “Looking for Love”, with a clear pocket for donations. Get some friends and their dogs together and join a walk for another cause.  A group of Greyhounds always attracts a lot of love and attention.

Distribute press releases to local media outlets. Newspapers, TV and radio stations are always looking for local interest stories. By sending a press release with a high-quality photograph of your dogs or adoptable dogs, you increase chances of the story making the publication because they now have a local interest angle. If you need tips for talking to the media or sample press releases, visit The Greyhound Project.

Plan now!  Don’t wait till April.  Get together with some friends and come up with some ideas.  Now is the time to plan where you will focus your efforts so that you can have the most impact.  We’d love to hear your suggestions – please share in the comments!

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