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3 Greyhounds

In honor of April: Greyhound Adoption Month, here are some original haiku (Japanese poem with three lines: first line consists of five syllables, second line is seven syllables, and third line is again five syllables).  These haiku express first the joy of adopting the perfect canine companion…


Race into my life

Wonderful, beautiful grey,

Always in my heart.


Race like the wind, girl,

Silly fun and sweet dreams wait,

Forever you're home.


Welcome home, sweet boy,

Finally, where you belong

Forever with me.


They say you are old.

Sweet white face, smiling at me.

We are both lucky.


After all those years,

Liquid brown eyes melt my heart.

Here is your soft bed.


…then (hopefully much later), the crushing grief of their loss. And yet we remember that the love we have for each other will always remain. So don’t be sad that this phase is ended: be happy that it happened at all.


Grief will go away.

Through my dreams you'll always run.

Memories will stay.


Grief colors all, but

Heartache over time will fade.

Memories comfort.


Although now apart,

Never absent from your heart.

Memories bring joy.

Hound Up



Sadness will fade, though love stays.

Time heals wounded hearts.


Sharing your sadness,

But know that love never leaves,

It lives in our hearts.

Every day with a dog is a gift T-shirt



  • Haiku as beautiful as greys are! Thank you for sharing!

  • Beautiful. Comforting and very true

    Barbara Hughes

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