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Four Senior Greyhounds

Taking care of a senior pet can be as much of a challenge as looking after a puppy or kitten. They require special treatment, often involving taking daily medications and assisting them in reaching the favorite chair that they always sit in. These tips will keep your pet feeling happy and healthy and will make their senior years as stress-free as the rest of their life has been.

Regular Vet Visits

Our pets age at a much faster rate than we do and so require regular visits to the vet. Older pets are also susceptible to age-related diseases and regular visits to the vet can help to detect health problems before they become too advanced. Veterinarians can also perform full physical examinations on senior pets to determine the state of their general health.

Diet and Exercise

Senior pets tend to put on weight more easily due to the fact that their activity levels decrease. Weight gain can increase their risk of heart disease, put additional stress on their joints and make their blood pressure rise. It's beneficial to feed them a diet that is lower in calories but that does not lower their protein levels. Your pet should also regularly be provided with opportunities for age-appropriate exercise.


The grooming of an older pet requires greater attention to detail and when done at home should be performed on a comfortable surface. Your pet should be brushed with a soft brush and have their faces wiped with a soft cloth and checked for any issues such as discharge on their facial hair or bad odors. After a bath, towel-drying your pet can be a good opportunity to check for any lumps or unevenness on their skin. Grooming shouldn't exceed 15 minutes to avoid exposing your senior pet to any stress.


Your pet may not be able to tackle activities with the same gusto that they used to but showering them with more affection, care and assistance will help them to bridge the gap between the capable young pet they used to be and the older one they have become. Spend regular quality time with your four-legged friend and you will be able to enjoy many activities together that will bring you and your pet joy.

Senior Pet Accessories

There are a number of helpful items available that can make your senior pet's life much easier. Portable pet stairs with non-skid feet and side rails can make accessing the sofa or your bed a cinch. A portable dog sling can assist your dog with going outside, getting onto a chair, and going for relaxing walks. Waterproof dog beds are also the perfect solution for dogs that either drool on their beds or that occasionally can't get up in time to do their business. Be sure to check that the dog bed is machine washable.

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Senior Pet Care

Your pet may be advanced in years but still have the playful puppy or kitten of yesteryear inside them. With proper, vigilant care, and the help of a few age-appropriate accessories, your pet can sail through their senior years with the ease of a pet less advanced in age.

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Nick Burton is the co-creator of Our Best Doggo. He is a proud parent to three rescue dogs, together with his wife, Mary. When they lost their oldest dog, Willie, a 15-year old lab/terrier mix, the couple decided to create a website where they can share all types of dog information to help people cope with mourning the loss of a furbaby. Visit them at Our Best Doggo


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