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How to Groom and Bathe Your Greyhound

Yes, Greyhounds are low maintenance. However, you certainly still need to wash and groom them! General grooming and bathing will ensure that your Greyhound is healthy and ready to continue being your friendly couch potato for many years to come. Plus it helps them feel better too! Here are a couple things you need to get started:

  • Bathtubs or showers are a proper place to bathe your Greyhound. Make sure you put down some kind of mat to keep your furry friend from slipping. An area outside your home also works just as well.
  • Greyhounds can be sensitive to shampoos with a lot of chemicals or scents. Make sure you use a gentle shampoo with simple ingredients to avoid this.
  • Sometimes, Greyhounds can get ear infections. Not fun! Have some cotton balls nearby so you can apply ear cleaning solution.
  • Make sure you wash your Greyhound’s face! Grab a face cloth or hand towel for a more gentle approach.
  • Have a grooming brush or mitt to help add some final touches and remove any excess hair.
  • Those Greyhound nails can get a little out of hand if you don’t keep up with them. Make sure you have a nail clipper or dremel intended for dogs.
  • Of course, you will want to have larger towels in order to dry your Greyhound.

      Now it’s time to get bathing. Place some cotton balls in your Greyhound’s ears to help prevent any water from getting in there. Now make sure that the water is relatively cool – if it is too cold, your Greyhound will not enjoy an ice bath. However, too warm of water may also leave you with a limp hound as Greyhounds are known for fainting in warmer water.

      Start wetting your Greyhound starting at the feet and working your way up. You can then put on the shampoo – be careful of your Greyhound’s eyes! Start at the neck and then work your way back. Throw in some massage techniques for good measure.

      Then rinse your Greyhound off from top to bottom and front to back. Make sure you get all the shampoo out as it can dry and become itchy for your dog. Now you can use your face cloth or hand towel to wash your Greyhound’s face. The muzzle can often get stained, so concentrate your efforts there and then rinse with a slow stream of water. Remove the cotton balls from the ears!

      Then dry off your Greyhound with some larger towels. After your Greyhound stops running around and rubbing up against things while simultaneously making you laugh, you should let your hound air dry for a while. After that, you can use your grooming mitt to help get rid of any excess hairs. Then, as a final step, you can use cotton balls again and dab on some ear cleaning solution. This will help your Greyhound avoid any infections. Don’t probe too deeply and be gentle when cleaning the inside of your dog’s ears.

      You’re done! You and your dog both feel great. If you would like further details and cleaning techniques, you can view the original article here.

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