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How to Handle your Greyhound at a Dog Park

Dog parks are a great place to take your Greyhound if you live in a city. They offer many benefits including socialization for your dog AND you, as well as much needed exercise for your greyt pooch! Some parks are enclosed, others are just designated open areas where dogs can enjoy some off leash freedom. Some parks range from half an acre to several acres. Some might even feature ponds or small streams – that’s fancy! There are a few things that you should keep in mind when visiting your local park to let your hound stretch their legs.

  1. Sometimes, owners don’t pay attention. They might be in a conversation and paying more attention to the person they are talking with rather than their dog. This means that their dog could behave inappropriately and potentially cause damage to others! Even if you haven’t seen your dog exhibit aggressive behavior, that can change if they meet the wrong dog. If a bite occurs, seek immediate veterinary care.
  2. Dog health. Yeah… some dogs aren’t properly vaccinated or they might have a contagious disease such as kennel cough. Just be aware that dog parks can present these risks and keep an eye on your dog’s health so react appropriately after the visit.
  3. Hookworms or whipworms are no joke. If everyone picked up after their dog, this wouldn’t be as much of a problem. Since all dogs are off-leash, you might not be there to keep them from snacking on some feces. Of course, you don’t want to spread parasites either, so make sure you check your dog’s feces 2-3 times per year if you frequent these parks. A lot of dog parks actually have bags available for proper cleanup. Use them! We actually did an article on proper poop etiquette that you should read as well.
  4. Follow the rules. Almost every dog park has rules. Usually, these pertain to what size dogs are allowed, how many dogs are allowed per household, smoking, dog food, toys, etc. Just be mindful and respect them to enjoy the dog park experience
  5. If your Greyhound is aggressive or shy and you really want them to get used to the dog park life, bring them by when it is less busy. Walk them around the area. Slowly introduce them to the other dogs in the park.
  6. Have your leash and muzzle in hand! Just in case things get out of hand, you can quickly leash your dog and calm the situation.
  7. Be aware of pack related activity. If there are more Greyhounds in the park, they will often form a pack. They will likely respond the same way and follow each other. This can sometimes lead to bad behaviors, just be careful and react appropriately.

So there you go! 7 steps to having a wonderful dog park experience with your Greyhound. I hope you found this helpful. Make sure you stay tuned for next week’s blog!

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