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How to Tell if your Greyhound is Overheating

Probably one of the scariest things a Greyhound owner can experience is when their furry friend starts to show signs of overheating. Heat stress typically kicks in around 104 - 105 degrees F for Greyhounds. Here are a couple signs that they could be suffering from heat stress:

  • Loss of alertness
  • Slower gait (walk)
  • Drooping head
  • Excessive panting

Heat exhaustion is a little more serious for Greyhounds. Typically, you will begin to see symptoms in the 105 – 106 degrees F. Keep an eye out for

  • Drooling
  • Anxiety
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Drawn back lips
  • Trembling/shaking, particularly in the legs
  • No desire to move
  • Loss of consciousness

It is vital to react in a timely manner if your Greyhound is exhibiting any of these behaviors. Cynda Crawford, a PHD scientist at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine’s Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences and fellow Greyhound lover, advises to immediately move them to an air conditioned room and take their temperature. Be sure to put a fan on your Greyhound and give them lots of cold water to drink. Also get a cold washcloth to help cool them down – particularly around the head and where there is less skin on the inner thighs.

When it Is particularly hot out, make sure you take shorter walks in the morning or evening hours. The hot pavement can also burn your Greyhound’s feet even if it feels comfortable to you – so make sure you are mindful. There are also numerous other things you can do to keep your Greyhound cool during the summer months. Feel free to read the original article here to know if your Greyhound is overheating and what to do if they are.

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