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Today is National Spoil Your Dog Day! Spoiling your dog doesn’t have to mean overindulging. Here are some suggestions for pampering your pooch (in case you need any help!)

Most pets just want our time and attention, so it doesn’t need to be anything crazy. Being present with your Greyhound is one of the simplest things you can do to spoil him. Whether this means extra cuddles, playing a game, or going out - your pet will love just having a lot of time with you! When you go for a walk, leave your phone at home, or turn off the TV as you snuggle on the couch. Let everything else go and just enjoy each other’s company.

Take your pup out for the day! Here are a few places you can go: doggy daycare, the pet store, the dog park, the vet for a social visit, the lake for swimming, play-date with the neighbor’s dog or a family member’s dog, or a nice walk. Your dog would love a field trip!

Greyhound on beach with ball

Spoil your dog with a stroll in his favorite spot. What dog doesn’t enjoy a breezy car ride? Take a short drive around the neighborhood — or better yet, to the dog park. Just this once, open all the windows and let your dog sniff the wind as it fills the car.

Play time with your pup can get pushed aside when life gets hectic. Pencil some time into your schedule for an extra-long play session.  You may even want to spend some of this time teaching your pup a new trick!

Here is some inspo if your dog is a Chow Hound – Pack a picnic for you and your pup or dine at the dog-friendly patio restaurant. Homemade dog treats are easy to prepare–and your dog will love you for them!

Just like us, dogs feel the heat on a warm day. A frozen treat can help them cool off and is fun for them to eat. Consider stuffing a Kong or other hollow toy with peanut butter and putting it in the freezer for a few hours before giving it to your dog. You can make ice cubes with no sodium broth for another cool idea.

Try a treat-filled puzzle toy. Your pup will enjoy the reward and get some mental exercise at the same time.

Dog puzzle toy

Spend time with your couch potato by watching a doggy-themed film.  If you and your dog are in the mood for a canine comedy, try Dog, Best in Show, The Secret Life of Pets, Hotel for Dogs or Dog Days.  If you want to cheer on the canines on screen, watch Homeward Bound, Air Bud or Eight Below. Some great animated movies are Isle of Dogs, Snoopy Come Home, My Dog Tulip or One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

For adventure, you could try Togo, Alpha, White Fang, Red Dog: True Blue or Incredible Journey.  If you want to watch a movie that will have you hugging your dog while the plot tugs at your heartstrings, watch A Dog’s Purpose, Hachiko: A Dog’s Story, Old Yeller or Where The Red Fern Grows.   

Curl up on the couch and read out loud to your houndie!  Books about our pups range from children’s fare, like Clifford the Big Red Dog and The Poky Little Puppy to contemporary classics for the canine-loving adult, such as The Art of Racing In The Rain and Marley & Me.

Take your Greyhound to a pet supply store and let him choose a new toy. All the sights and smells provide mental stimulation and an opportunity to socialize. It’s important to rotate your dog’s toys to prevent boredom, so adding a new one for Spoil Your Dog Day will be a fun surprise. You can also make your own dog toys.

For more retail therapy, how about a fancy new collar? Etsy’s Handmade4Hounds has some gorgeous ones, and you can help a Greyhound adoption group at the same time. Or try an LED collar that will light up your pup’s life. Autumn is just around the corner, so cozy doggy duds will be appreciated then: sweaters, coats, jammies, and snoods are all fine ways to spoil your dog.

Diva Greyhound

How about a “Spaw Day”?  Schedule a relaxing massage to soothe your dog’s muscles and mind. Find a massage therapist near you here

If you’d rather, you can learn how to give your dog a massage at home. Here’s a how-to video from Chewy.

The truth is, you don’t have to break the bank to spoil your dog rotten. How about a luxurious nap together? You know they adore that. Or since every dog has that spot that is always in need of a good scratch, give him some extra-long scratch time.

It’s okay, go ahead and spoil your sweet pup today! Whether you go for a long walk or stay home and cuddle on the couch together, your dog will feel the love. It’s all about giving them that extra quality time and attention on Spoil Your Dog Day, and every day. Please share some ways you spoil your dog in the comments below.

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