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Smart Tips and Resources for Downsizing With Pets

A move poses challenges for both you and your pet. It can be stressful even under the best circumstances. Below are some helpful downsizing tips for people with pets.

Preparing Your Home for a Move

Start by getting rid of items you don't need. This cuts down on the number of items you have to move and reduces the cost if you decide to hire a moving company. You can consider selling items online or handing them over to a thrift store. If you plan to donate your items, consider honoring your pet by donating to a thrift store that benefits animals.

Cleaning up is a big part of the moving process, and if you have a pet, cleaning can be a challenge. Pet hair or stains on carpets and couches can give your home an odor that might put buyers off. Having your home cleaned professionally can help eliminate these problems.

Find a Comfortable Space for Your Pet

Potential buyers might be allergic to pets and will want to see your entire home, so it's best to keep your furry friends out of the way. Consider leaving your pet with a friend or family member when buyers are looking around. If your pet needs to stay close to home while you're moving, look into pet boarding facilities. Alternatively, have someone pet-sit, or ask a friend or relative to come over and lend a hand.

Prepare Your Pet for Changes

If moving to a new neighborhood, consider getting your pet used to new surroundings. That might include walking around a new area or taking short trips in a car to get them used to the journey.

Visit the Vet

Before taking your pet on the road, be sure they have complete and up-to-date vaccinations and health certificates. Regulations will vary from state to state, but if you're crossing state lines you'll most likely need a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI).

Choosing Your New Home

Downsizing is a great way to reduce your mortgage and unclutter your life. Before you start your house hunt, consider applying for mortgage preapproval. This can be done online and doesn't require anything except basic personal information. Preapproval will help you figure out how much you can borrow and speed up the process when you find the perfect home for you and your pet.

If you’d prefer to rent, look up online listings for apartments for rent in your area.  You can filter by price, amount of space, amenities, and pet friendliness. Some listings even provide 3D tours so you can better ascertain whether the apartment is a good fit for you and your pet.

Moving Services

Professional movers can make the moving process a lot easier. Obtain quotes by visiting moving company websites and submitting inquiry forms. You can use online reviews to gather additional info before choosing your mover. Always get a quote in writing before agreeing to anything. Also, make sure you’re looking for moving companies that suit your needs. Legitimate movers will inspect your home to give you a proper quote. 

Getting Settled

Pets can sense a change in their environment, so don't be surprised if they hide or act out. To help them adjust, keep them close to things that are familiar as much as possible. On moving day, bring their beds, favorite toys, and treats. Also, if they'll be traveling in a pet crate, try to get them used to it ahead of time.

Your New Adventure

Moving with pets adds a whole new dimension of difficulty whether it's a 100-pound dog or an eight-pound cat. With a solid plan, you can both enjoy your new adventure.

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Nick Burton is the co-creator of Our Best Doggo. He is a proud parent to three rescue dogs, together with his wife, Mary. When they lost their oldest dog, Willie, a 15-year old lab/terrier mix, the couple decided to create a website where they can share all types of dog information to help people cope with mourning the loss of a furbaby. Visit them at Our Best Doggo

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