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The Straight Scoop on Poop

Greyhound poop. You know it. You smell it. You deal with it. This may shock you but, there is actually a strategy to handling it. Here are a couple tips to help you deal with the poo appropriately:

  1. Poop bags. A lot of dog owners lack this manner no matter what the breed. Always make sure you bring them with and dispose of them properly. If you are walking your Greyhound a lot, make sure you leave the bags in a convenient spot by the door so you can grab them on the way out. Some bags attach to the leash.
  2. The autumn season is actually a great time for poop pick up. Leaves make it a lot easier to clean up your Greyhound’s excrement.
  3. Greyhounds get noticed. If you are not picking up after your hound, you might not be so welcome when you round the block next time.
  4. Use colorful bags so people can SEE that you respect the neighborhood. Also, remember to wave at your neighbors with your open hand, nobody appreciates a poop salute.
  5. As tempting as it is, do NOT throw your poop bags into your neighbor’s garbage. I know, it’s tempting. Carrying around that bag is a little annoying.
  6. Those diaper disposal bags at your local dollar tree? The price is nice, but these don’t work well for Greyhounds. They’re too thin! Resist the urge!
  7. Watch out for “No Dumping” or “No Dogs” signs. Please respect those areas.
  8. If you’re in an undeveloped area, somewhere deep in the mountains, or way out in the country, you probably don’t need to worry about being on the cleanup crew.
  9. Bags with silly sayings are a win. Not only does it give passerby’s a laugh, but it can give you that extra bit of positivity when cleaning up after your hound.
  10. Keep an eye on your Greyhound when other poop is nearby. They may try and eat it! Ultimately, this is unhealthy and brings a whole new meaning to the word “recycle”.
  11. Watch out for the post poop celebration!

These tips and reminders will help you avoid any confrontations and your neighbors will greatly appreciate your respectfulness. Hope this helps! You can view the original recommendations on poop etiquette for your Greyhound here.

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