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 Happy dog sleeping on bed

What is it about the end of the year that makes us want to recap events of the last 365 days?  Most of 2020 we’d rather forget, so instead how about contemplating this list of the top 15 things we can learn from our hounds:

15. Live in the moment.

14. Leave the past in the past.

13. Be yourself.

12. Ask for what you want.

11. Take time to play.

10. Walk more.

9.  Don’t judge.

8.  Be forgiving and move on.

7.  Enjoy your dinner.

6.  Take time to nap.

5.  Pay attention to those you love.

4.  Persistence wins in the end.

3.  Make time to snuggle.

2.  Adapt so you can thrive.

1.  And most importantly…It’s going to be OK.

Please share what you've learned from your Greyhound in the comments below, and have a very Happy New Year!

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