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Tips for Figuring Out Your Dog’s Love Language

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Owning a dog at home means you have additional responsibilities. For one, as our article on ‘Smart Tips And Resources For Downsizing With Pets’ discussed, being a responsible pet owner means ensuring their safety and comfort. If you’re out of town and there’s no one to take care of them, you should find reliable pet boarding facilities to look after them. You also need to bring your dog regularly to a veterinarian for their vaccinations and health certificates, which can cost you some money.

But despite the associated costs and responsibilities of being a dog owner, most people in the US still choose to have a pet. The Washington Post revealed that around 57% of households in the US has a pet, which includes over 77 million dogs. You can bet that most dog owners will agree that the amount spent on their dogs is worth it because the amount of love they receive from their pets is priceless.

Five Human-Dog Love Languages

In his book, The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman discussed the five ways people show their love to their significant other. Although it’s used to understand the love between humans, it can also be used to comprehend the love and relationship between humans and their dogs.

* Words of affirmation
Dogs who love words of affirmation will enthusiastically wag their tails at you when you call them a good dog. They may also bark when you come home or whimper excitedly when you pet them.

* Quality time
A dog with this love language often loves hanging out with you outdoors, even at home. They will grab their leash and ask for a walk, and you can show your love back by being around your pet and doing fun activities with them.

* Physical touch
A dog’s love language can also be cuddling, petting, or grooming. They will show it by rubbing their head on you or licking your cheek. If they do this, give them lots of pets and belly rubs.

* Receiving gifts
In human-dog relationships, giving gifts can simply be giving them treats every time they perform a trick or buying them a new ball to play with. A small toy can already show how much you care about them.

*  Acts of Service
Giving them high-quality food, offering them a safe place to rest, and providing veterinary care when they need it lets them know that you love them. In return, they will also look after you on your bad days.

How To Figure Out Your Dog’s Love Language

Study their tail movement
Since dogs cannot speak, studying how and when their tails wag can tell a lot about their feelings. Jacob Livesay explained that if your dog is wagging their tail, they are most likely happy to see you. It’s because their tails serve a function similar to a human smile. Your dog's wagging tail can also mean that they're excited or politely greeting you when you come home after a long day. But if their tail is tucked between their legs, it could be that they’re afraid, anxious, or submissive.

Identify when their head tilts
Dogs look cute when they tilt their head, and they do this to allow their ears to hear better. Livesay shared that dogs often tilt their heads when they hear a word they understand or an unfamiliar sound. If your dog is watching you intently and tilting its head when you talk to them, it can mean that they are engaged and are trying to understand what you’re saying.

Watch their sleeping positions
A dog’s sleeping position can also give you an insight into their behavior, especially since it can indicate their feelings of safety and comfort. If they’re sleeping on their side, or roaching, this signifies they fully trust you and feel relaxed with your presence. Another position is the lion’s pose, wherein your dog sleeps with their head on top of its paws. This sleeping position indicates that they feel loyal and protective of you. Lastly, the superman pose is when your dog sleeps on their belly with its legs resting on the floor. It usually means your dog is playful and they are sleeping well.



Article written by Rose Jules

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