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Tips to Help you Succeed as a Greyhound Volunteer

Many of us are Greyhound enthusiasts and are absolutely in love with the Greyhound breed. Of course, since many of us have this Greyhound passion, we often volunteer to help the breed in whatever way we can. Sometimes it is easy to get overwhelmed or burned out when working within a volunteer group. Here are a couple tips to enable you to maximize your efforts and make Greyhound volunteering a satisfying venture:

  • Do not micro manage your volunteer group’s efforts. Realize that those around you have the same passion and are willing to help in any way possible. It does not all have to come down to you!
  • Group members need to realize that they have ownership and a say in any decision making.
  • Leadership needs to always offer support for all volunteer group members.
  • Leadership needs to realize that all volunteers are helping because they want to and not because they have to. If you are on the leadership team (or if you are the leader), treasure each participant and make sure they feel valued.
  • Manners and politeness go far in volunteer groups. Please and thank you are an absolute must.
  • Members need to support each other in times of emergencies.
  • Sometimes, a leadership team is not a good option. Instead, make everyone in the group discuss next moves and ideas.
  • Make sure all volunteers understand and accept that members may need to skip activities in order to handle their private lives.
Being passionate about Greyhounds can take a ton of time and energy. It can certainly cause stress as well! If you are involved in a volunteer group and are feeling burned out, check out the full article here for more ideas on how to keep a balance in your life while simultaneously making a positive impact for Greyhounds.

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