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When Rescuing Becomes Hoarding

After your first Greyhound, it is easy to see why people end up with way more than 2 or 3. Many people are on a mission to help save Greyhounds – particularly ex-racers. However, this begs the question of how many are too many? The Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty (SCPA) actually investigates at least one hoarding case per month and can often file charges against hoarders.

The unfortunate truth here is that hoarders believe they are helping Greyhounds recover and thrive after their ex-racing career. So, while they have good intentions, it makes for a longer-term issue that often leads to more suffering and death. This is because the hoarders did not recognize their limit of how many Greyhounds they can handle which can make a detrimental impact on the dogs. However, it’s usually not a question of how many Greyhounds they are hoarding, it is a matter of mental health, attitudes, stability, property conditions, and how they never say no to a new dog.

Ultimately, Greyhounds are really easy to get “just one more” of. We Greyhound lovers need to know our limitations and capabilities to take care of these dogs and make sure they live a happy life.

You can also look for recognizable signs that someone is a Greyhound hoarder here.

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