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Your Greyhound’s Muzzle Does More Than You Think

Many Greyhound lovers hate the sight of a muzzle. Believe it or not, the plastic basket muzzle that comes with your Greyhound on adoption day has more than one use! It can save you from a lot of veterinary bills as your Greyhound gets used to her surroundings.

Typically when a Greyhound first arrives to her new home, she might not get along with her fellow housemates. Nipping or lacerations can happen which require stitches – or worse, infections can occur. Of course, if a laceration occurs, a Greyhound may try and gnaw at these new stitches. A muzzle can certainly help avoid this difficult time.

Another scenario can occur where your Greyhound turns to destructive behavior. She starts chewing on chairs or even enjoying some fine dining on houseplants or trash. She may even become a hunter where she eats insects or small birds. In other cases, she may even consume feces. These can all lead to digestive issues! A muzzle can help avoid these types of behaviors. For persistent poop-eaters, you can get a stool guard – a solid plastic cup that fits inside the muzzle.

So a muzzle, at least initially, is a good idea to help avoid any dangers as the new member of the family adjusts to their unfamiliar surroundings. However, you may want to consider using the muzzle on a routine basis if your Greyhound starts itching or gnawing areas such as their paws. In this particular scenario, you save a lot of money by using a muzzle rather than spending on expensive healing salves.

You may also be worried that a muzzle is uncomfortable for the hound. Most of the time, they don’t mind it at all! Some Greyhounds are actually excited about the muzzle – kind of like a leash when it is time for a walk.

In this case, it’s a plastic tool that we should actually thank the racing industry for. It is sort of like giving a toddler a helmet before riding a bike. It’s mostly a safety thing and will keep your greyhounds healthy. You can read the original article on Greyhound muzzles here.

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