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I'll Be Home Soon Book
I'll Be Home Soon Book
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"I'LL BE HOME SOON"- by Patricia B. McConnell

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If you worry about leaving your dog home alone, both because you love your dog and your house, this book is for you. Most dogs can be left home alone during the day and lead happy, fulfilled doggy lives without destroying your house. Of course, some of them get into trouble at home when you're gone because there's so much fun stuff to do without you to stop them. But a small number of dogs suffer from a serious problem called Separation Anxiety, in which they panic at your departure and stay panicked until you return. This book is designed to help those whose dog really suffers from Separation Anxiety, to help you prevent it from developing, and to help you raise a dog with good "house manners."

Product Identifiers

Publisher             McConnell Publishing Limited

ISBN-10                1891767054

ISBN-13                9781891767050

Format Booklet, Paperback

Language             English


Width    5.5in.

Length  8.5in.

Publication Year                2000

Author                  Patricia B. McConnell

Number of Pages             37 Pages

Publication Date               2000-04-01