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Wash'n Zip Pet Bed - Extra-Small - Solution to DIRTY, SMELLY pet beds

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The Wash’n Zip Pet Bed really is THE cleanest and most economical dog bed / pet bed, because it’s completely washable!

It’s unique because it’s the only one-piece, fully and easily-launderable pet bed on the market.  The X-Small is double-folded: folded/zipped dimensions are 20" x 14", unfolded/unzipped it is 40" x 28".

Every other pet bed on the market is either non-washable, or only partially washable.  Some have removable cloth covers that can be laundered, but the inside quickly becomes dirty, smelly and unsanitary.

Your pets get dirty, they sweat, and they have accidents.  All of that dirt, odor, and urine will penetrate the outer covering of your pet’s bed and soil the interior.

The Wash’n Zip Pet Bed’s unique one-piece design zips up to form a warm, fluffy, comfortable bed for your pet.  When it becomes dirty, it easily unzips and fits conveniently in your household washer and dryer.  Khaki material with your choice of animal print plush, brown, dark gray, or oatmeal sherpa top.  Ships direct from manufacturer.

Please watch this brief You Tube demo video to see how it works!

Part of all proceeds benefit Greyhound Rescue.


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