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"COMET'S TALE" How the Dog I Rescued Saved My Life - Ex-Lib

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COMET'S TALE - A True Story

 by Steven D. Wolf and Lynette Padwa

The author says "I was not a novice to the world of dogs.  I knew that unless canines were angry or scared, they approached human beings in various stages of doggy excitement - sniffing, wagging, smiling, curious and eager to please, always alert to the possibility of a treat.  Dog body language was a cinch to read.  Except this time.  This dog simply lay still, her eyes focused on mine.  She alone knew her reasons.  She had analyzed the variables, drawn her own conclusions, and decided to cross the room and quietly place her head in my lap.  But in that quiet, a message reverberated: Hello.  I am Comet.  I choose you."


Patiently he teaches her how to lead a normal dog's life.  Gradually, a confident and mysterious spirit emerges from the stunning animal.  Eventually, as Wolf's health and mood decline, he teaches her how to be a service dog. Soon she is towing shopping carts down food store aisles, opening doors for Wolf, and even pulling off Wolf's blankets, insisting he get out of bed, stop moaning, and take a walk!  How can he stay depressed when Comet is dragging him to stand and gawk at every security guard (she has a thing for men in uniform) or hauling his wheelchair at top speed through a smiling, scattering crowd in the airport terminal?  Comet attracts new friends to his isolated world, and finally, she plays a crucial role in restoring his health, saving his marriage, and broadening his definition of success.

 As inspiring as it is entertaining, Comet's Tale leaves us all with a deeper understanding of the extraordinary kinship between man and dog.  This is one I will read again and again.  I know you will enjoy it too.

ISBN 978-1-61620-323-8

Softcover, 2013, 268 pages

Retail $14.95

Part of all proceeds benefit Greyhound adoption


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