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Set of 2 Greyhound Luggage Tags - Vintage Altered Art Ladies + Sighthounds

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GREYHOUND LUGGAGE TAGS - Set of 2.  Featuring altered vintage art reproductions with two different Ladies with Sighthounds scenes, one on each tag.   The tags are constructed from top quality 12 gauge vinyl, overall dimensions: 5" (12.7 cm) x 2-7/8" (7.3 cm), with a 6" (15.24 cm) clear worm loop.  The artwork is on one card inside the tag holder, and the other card has an OPT TO ADOPT logo on the outside, and the other side of that card has place for your ID information.  That way, you can keep it confidential.  You could also stick a business card in there instead - your choice. 

Not just for luggage: use them to identify pet carriers/crates, computer bags, school bags/backpacks, totes, golf bags, gym bags, any  items requiring identification.

Watermarks will not appear on your items.

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